Please be informed of our following policies and terms of conditions regarding financing and refunds before you begin working with us. These policies are also listed in our agency agreement that must be signed before work begins.


Our agency is in partnership with Kirkstone Financial Services to bring our client financing options for their branding projects. Clients that are approve for financing will be setup on term payments for 12, 24, or 36 months at 18% interest rate. All work remains wholly owned by our agency Kendra K. Creative until the final payment is made. All design files, website files and print files will remain in our agency possession until the final payment is made. Clients will be issued an licensing agreement to use any design work for their branding. The licensing agreement will expire once the final payment is made; we will then release ownership of all design work and files to the clients.  

In the event that client stop making payment for more than 90 days on their account; Kendra K. Creative Brand Agency reserve the right to take action in any or all the following: file a suit against client, issue a cease and desist on client business using any designs or work created by agency, suspend client business website and services, forward account to collection agency. 

Kendra K. Creative Brand Agency reserve the right to make changes to this policies at any time. All active clients with accounts regardless of account status will receive written notice of changes to this policy. 


We make small businesses appear bigger and more established. That's what we do!


Refund Exception Policy

In the event of project cancellation, the client has a 48 hour window to cancel their project for a refund of their deposit less $125. After 48 hours a refund will be at discretion of the Agency. All work up to the time of cancellation must be paid for. The Agency will determine if any deliverables are due to the client at time of cancellation. Any unfinished work remains the property of the Agency. Client forfeit any rights to any work created by the Agency that is not paid for or Agency deem incomplete.  

Kendra K. Creative is full service brand development agency with over 10 years of brand and marketing experience. We work exclusively with small businesses, entrepreneurs, and startups to create strong brand identities that are marketable, memorable and manageable.

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